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The Ontario Municipal Board is an independent adjudicative tribunal established under statute by the Province of Ontario. The Board hears appeals and applications on a wide range of municipal and land-related matters including official plans, zoning by-laws, subdivision plans, consents and minor variances, land compensation, development charges, ward boundaries, and aggregate resources. The Board operates under many different pieces of legislation, including the Planning Act.  (Source: OMB)



The following are examples of representations LARKIN+ has made to OMB for various clients, and the results achieved:

Crow’s Nest Hearing – Irvine and Brenda Riopelle

Town of Newmarket, Ontario

Client:  Alexander Muir Community Association

Summary: Irvine and Brenda Riopelle made an application to the Town of Newmarket to amend the Official Plan and Zoning by-law, to legalize the existing restaurant, known locally as “The Crow’s Nest”, and expand an existing parking lot to provide a total of 52 spaces.  The Town of Newmarket, the Lake Simcoe Conservation Authority and a number of local residents represented by the Alexander Muir Community Association opposed the proposal. Their planning concerns focused on the potential impact the expanded parking lot would have on a local wetland, located on the proponent’s property, and the potential created for the expansion of the restaurant use if as well.  Expert testimony was provided on behalf of the area residents
Status: Complete – OMB dismissed the appeals and refused the applications


Mountlawn Memorial Gardens, Memorial Gardens (Ontario)

Town of Whitby, Ontario

Client:  Memorial Gardens (Ontario) Limited

Summary:  Memorial Gardens proposed the expansion of their cemetery and the development of a “Reception Centre”. The applicant referred the matter to the OMB because the municipality had failed to make a decision on the application. At the hearing the municipality appeared along with area residents in opposition of the proposal. The planning concerns focused on the issues of land use compatibility, need and policy.  Expert testimony was provided on behalf of the applicant. 
Status: Complete – The OMB approved the cemetery application without modification

Resthaven Extended Care Facility Expansion

Town of Aurora, Ontario

Client: CeBe Management Limited

Summary: CeBe Management Limited was interested in expanding their existing long term care facility located in the Town of Aurora. Concern was expressed by a number of neighbours respecting the expansion plans.  Based on the resident’s concerns the Town turned down the application. The application (Zoning Amendment) was referred to the OMB. During the preparation for the hearing several studies were undertaken and the discussions were initiated with the Town and area residents.  As a result, the design of the proposed building was modified and the concerns of the residents addressed suck that a settlement was reached.
Status: Complete – The OMB approved the applications

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